People often experience changes in their living or working environment as negative. No matter how necessary these changes are. By visualising these changes as realistic as possible, everybody will see the same. And if everybody sees the same, dialogue is a lot easier.

MVGLA works exclusively with 'The Imagineers' who have the ability to show ‘tomorrow’ today. From 2 or 3 D visualisations to interactive journeys through a virtual world. And everything in between. Not distinguishable from reality. Except that it doesn't exist.

The Imagineers offer a range of tools including:

Windplanner, a tool for web based planning, design and visualisation of wind farms anywhere on the globe and which was launched in Hamburg in October 2016 and is in use across the world.  See:

Lineplanner:  a tool to plan and visualise electricity transmission lines;

Infraplanner: a tool to plan and visualise infrastructure proposals such as road and railways;

Landplanner: a tool to plan and visualise urban development such as housing;


For more information contact Marc or visit:

Stone Circle in Comrie
360° spherical panoramic photo from the remains of a Stone Circle in Comrie (OS coordinatesNN755225)

MVGLA is now able to produce full 360° spherical photography for use in visual representation of development proposals in the landscape, towns and cities.