MVGLA has extensive experience with providing landscape and visual evidence at public inquiries in Scotland, England and Wales.

MVGLA  is also frequently asked to review Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments produced by others and is currently acting as client adviser to SPEN with respect to part of their portfolio of proposed wind farm grid connections and grid reinforcement and enhancement.

Marc and or Beatrice provided evidence at the following Public Inquiries:

  • Royal High School, Edinburgh: in preparation
  • Craigton and Spittalhill Windfarm, upheld
  • Scout Moor Windfarm, dismissed
  • Druim Ba Windfarm, 2nd application, decision pending
  • Kiers Hill Windfarm, dismissed
  • Gorpley Windfarm, withdrawn
  • Loch Hill 2 Windfarm, dismissed
  • Stirling Major Growth*, upheld
  • Dounreay Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Clyde Windfarm*, upheld
  • Invercassley Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Mountboy Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Black Craig Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Swinford Windfarm*, upheld
  • Fauch Hill Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Loch Hill Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Greenknowes Windfarm*, upheld
  • HMP Low Moss*, upheld
  • Kelburn Windfarm*, upheld
  • Barmoor Windfarm*, upheld
  • Roos Windfarm*, upheld
  • Langham Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Dunsland Cross*, dismissed
  • Llanbrynmair Windfarm*, dismissed
  • Harestanes Extension Windfarm*, dismissed

Projects marked with a * were undertaken while Marc and/or Beatrice were at LUC.

Marc and Beatrice also have extensive experience with the critical review of landscape and visual assessments focusing on aspects of methodology, significance thresholds and consistency of impact judgements. Marc has also regularly spoken at conferences.